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Have I made a mistake?

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Have I made a mistake?

In order to downsize for the Winter and reduce the problem of size making the girls cold, I’ve opted to take off a super on my hive. Whilst there was quite a bit of honey stored in there, there were rarely any bees up there and was often a problem indicator of condensation. After removing it and lowering the roof level, a visit which the girls did not take kindly, they are now foraging in quite the numbers the honey left in the box I have separated- flying out the front in quite some numbers to go and enter the super which is now propped up on the floor. I’m thinking of leaving it out on the floor for a couple days in this position so they can fetch any honey they want from the box, whilst not having the cold problem.

Was this a mistake? I would’ve felt bad not taking out the operation because of fears of cold issues but now I feel I’ve created quite a bit of hassle rather than good (aside from the array of stings). What are your opinions? Going to leave the box out for now unless advised otherwise. Still fairly a novice to this, and want the best for my bees- thanks.

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