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Have bee hive in FL. Need advice or removal.

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Have bee hive in FL. Need advice or removal.

Hello, feel free to remove this if im just another lost reditor. But I have a hive on the outside of my windowsill which was boarded up some time ago for hurricanes. With everything going on with the bees I really want to save them. the hive is about 2'x4'. Most people want me to exterminate. Companies trying to charge me 700$ to relocate which i just cant afford. It would be easy for me to exterminate them myself. But i want to help save the bees. While large the hive is in almost the perfect spot to easily box and reloacte them. 4 screws on a board and you have complete access.

I cant help but think if i could find someone who would want them, maybe an amateur beekeeper, it would be better for everyone. Only thing is im not sure how realistic that is. Does anyone know of any beekeeper hobbyist groups or anything in the mid florida area? Or any services they can recommend. Or even a better reddit to post this to. I'd really rather save the hive. Its been so magical watching them grow and build their hive in real time but they've started spreading to other parts of house and need to go. So i gotta figure something out here.

Edit: found someone that will save them for cheap thank you everyone!

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