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Getting the bees to take super honey down into the brood box?

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Getting the bees to take super honey down into the brood box?

Hello! I'm a first year beekeeper and trying to figure out how to best prepare my hive for the winter. Apologies in advance if this question is dumb, I've been reading all day and mostly ended up with more questions than answers 🙂

I have a honey super on top of one deep box, and the honey super has about 4 frames filled with half-capped and half-uncapped honey. The remaining 6 frames don't have any comb even drawn. My original plan was to harvest the little bit of honey in the super, reduce to just the 1 deep for the winter, and feed as needed. But now I'm not sure what to do with the frames in the super.

  • I've read some things that said to flick the uncapped honey out, and harvest the capped honey as is.

  • I read one thing that I can put the super on top of the inner cover, and the bees will take the honey down into the brood box. Does this actually work?

Any advice here? My preferred option would be whatever leaves the hive in the best chances for winter since I don't really need or expect any honey this first season. If it helps, I'm in the Seattle area, so our winters aren't particularly harsh, just wet.

Thanks in advance!

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