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Getting attacked just standing near my bee hives

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Getting attacked just standing near my bee hives

I went to go check on my bees today just observing them like I often do. I wasn't planning on going in to the hives themselves. I was standing maybe 6 feet away from them. Suddenly one dive bombs my face out of nowhere and immediately stings me on my eyelid! I promptly walked out of there, but a few more start following me and getting in my hair. Fortunately those ones didn't sting me, but what could have caused them to attack unprovoked? Is this common? I was wearing clean clothes and didn't have anything on me that could have had the queens pheromones on them as far as I know. It was a pretty nice day, sunny, 70°, and not windy. My face is now really swollen and now I want to wear protective gear going anywhere near them. What can I do to prevent this happening in the future? This is my first year as a beekeeper and everything has been going awesome so far, even harvested about 3.5 gallons of honey. Anybody have any good tips for me?

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