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Free Bees! Bee Keepers Use This To Expand Their Apiary

We are grateful you are here

Bee Movers & Shakers, are you ready to exchange a little work for FREE BEES with no disease or risk?

That’s right, join Foster Bees for free and be on the list of bee support workers. When a Nurse Bee Home catches a swarm you will be asked to move the swarm into your own bee hive that will live on the owners property.

When it comes time for the split the owner will either buy a box for the split and you take yours home or the owner will collect 1kg of honey and you take your box home or ask the owner if they can leave your box there, it’s up to you.

You have a suit, have or have had a bee hive and want to start up again or increase your apiary without buying bees. Meet new bee focused friends and community. Click view here to see the Bee Movers & Shakers video