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Found dead bees in my bedroom?

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Found dead bees in my bedroom?

I work at home, the bedroom next to mine is used as my office. A few days ago, I saw a live bee on the window of my office. I caught it and let it go, no fuss. Then today I went to vacuum my room, and I spotted a bunch of dead bees behind my headboard in the floor. My bed is against a wall that has a window with a screen – only one dead bee in the sill, none between the panes. No living bees, no sign of a hive on the house. No buzzing in the walls. I'm in southeast Michigan.

What should I do? I don't want bees in my house, but I definitely don't want them to die either. The number I've found in my room makes me shocked I never heard them buzzing, and also makes me sick thinking of how many there must still be in the house.

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