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Found Abandoned Active Hives

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Found Abandoned Active Hives

We planned on adding several hives to our new property (Niagara region, Canada) in the springtime, and learning about beekeeping over the winter.

We just went for an explorative walk on the heavily overgrown part of our property out back and discovered approximately 10 (or more) very hidden, very overgrown, abandoned bee boxes. At least two of which are seemingly very… active. Lots of bees flying in and out. Several are clearly not being used.
One box has a lid that we lifted up and it has combs on the underside of the lid and they’re in wave patterns (super technical terms)

We would estimate they have been out there for at least ten years as the last people that lived here before us were long term tenants and didn’t do … so much landscaping (would a few hives still be active after that long??)

Can we do anything with the existing boxes that are out there? What I mean is, we’d like to move them closer to a cleared area we planned to use. Can the active hives be moved? We would like to move all of them if possible and clean it up/make them all happy and healthy again.

We intend on learning over winter and had already planned to do this. Is this a lucky find?

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