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Found a queen cup with an egg, need advice.

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Found a queen cup with an egg, need advice.

Today I did an inspection after being on vacation for 2 weeks. On the very last frame I looked at there was 3 queen cups on the bottom edge of the honeycomb and one has an egg in side. I looked at every frame today, and it looks like their stores are down from 2 weeks ago, but there's still capped honey and pollen throughout the hive. I personally haven't seen my queen in weeks, but there was tons of eggs, larva and capped brood. I live on the border of zones B and C. It's still rather hot out, and it doesn't usually start getting cold until late October/November. I have a second empty hive sitting in my shed if it comes to that. What so you guys recommend?

Side note: I took off the top feeder in July because they had quickly filled their second box and I put on a med super, but they haven't touched it. I removed it today and will be putting the top feeder back on once I make some more syrup.


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