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Formic Pro now or later?

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Formic Pro now or later?

After not having success overwintering bees by taking a passive approach to mites I have decided I’ll be proactive this year. I order 10 doses of Formic pro for my 2 hives and plan on treating next week since the temps will be below 85° and then again mid September early October for the winter bees. Does that seem excessive or poorly timed?

My Russian hive is a double deep brood chamber fully drawn with several full frames of honey and lots of brood. I have a super on but they’re just now starting to draw comb up there.

My saskatraz hive is a single deep fully drawn with a mix of honey and brood. They also have a honey super on and have started building comb and filling it up.

Both hives are thriving but I haven’t checked either for mites yet. I just assume at this time of the year the mite count will be low anyways so I’m just trying to be proactive to keep my bees healthy going into winter.


EDIT- I have an EasyCheck alcohol mite tester coming tomorrow to do a mite check. I just haven’t done it yet.

Should I do 1/2 treatment of Formic now and a full treatment in fall?

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