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First Year Looking For Advice

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First Year Looking For Advice

Hey all, just looking for some advice on what to do with an increasingly crowded hive. I have 2 hives and one just went gangbusters. They have already filled 2 brood boxes (mostly). Today my neighbor and I looked through the hive and saw that they had two (mostly) unused frames in the bottom box so we swapped those out with two resource frames in the top to give them more room while we figure out our next move. We have only seen 2 swarm cups so we arent worried about swarming immediately. However they have a ton of capped brood and we are worried about the potential of swarming regardless of what people have said about first year hives not commonly swarming. We are currently feeding 1:1 as we are in a dearth. Our second hive we almost lost and we were able to bring it back but it barely started its second brood box. Also I am in New England, USA.

So we had a couple of thoughts on how to treat this but seeing as the bees are being slighlty mor aggressive currently due to the current environmental conditions we wanted some opinion/advice/other suggestions. My thoughts are thus: 1.) Stop feeding and let them use some of their stores during the dearth to try and slow them down. While this is the simplest its also the least aggressive measure and may result in further measures needed. 2.) Order a new Queen if possible and create a second hive from the one. I like this one the best. 3.) Wait for them to possibly create swarm cells and do a split then. My worry here is that it could take too much time and we could end up with 1 or 2 weak hives going into winter. 4.) Swap frames from the large hive with the small hive. This I like second best only because this was how we revived the weaker hive initally and it worked well. My concern is with adding more brood and resources to the small hive and having them become crowded too close to winter to do anything about it then. That being said that second brood box on the weaker hive is only a week old and has tons of room.

Thanks in advance

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