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First year keeper. Just had the worst inspection. How bad is it?

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First year keeper. Just had the worst inspection. How bad is it?

For reference I have a single hive with two full deep brood chambers and I had placed a super on maybe a month ago (which I think was a bit late, but they were seeming real active at the time)

The super hardly had any progress made on it, just the faintest traces of wax so I removed it. Then I started on the upper brood chamber. The first frame was drawn with some uncapped nectar in the upper corners. I placed it to the side of the hive. The next few frames also looked really good. A lot of brood, and also some eggs, bee bread, and capped honey.

I pulled out the frame from the middle and scraped off enough bees to do my follow-up varroa check, and when I went to replace the frame, I heard a crack, looked down and saw I had put my boot through the bottom part of the first frame. Then in my panic, I hastily slid the middle frame back in place (definitely heard some crunches) then repositioned all the frames and put the first back in place too (also really sloppily).

I didn't put the super back on (but I figure thats for the best), though I'm also wondering when/how should I determine if the bees have enough food for winter when it comes time for that.

Is the now-damaged frame going to be much of an issue?
How likely was it that I may have killed my queen when i pretty much dropped a middle frame into place? (Is that even a question that can be answered?)
Should I wait a good amount of time until I inspect again to see if I now have a queenless hive? If I do, what do I do?

On the bright side, only one mite! hah.

Thanks! :/

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