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First Year Beekeepers – First FOUNDATIONLESS COMB :)

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First Year Beekeepers – First FOUNDATIONLESS COMB :)

I'm very excited – we're first-time beekeepers and so far everything has been going well (I know that's not always the case)! The colony is thriving, we added a queen excluder and a honey super a month ago. I've been super intrigued by foundationless comb, so we checkerboarded in two frames with no foundation to the honey super. After a few weeks of nothing, boom! The girls have gone to town.

We're in rural-ish Pennsylvania, so it's pretty hot and humid these days. Still enough flowers and clover about, and we're still feeding our 1:1 sugar syrup- not sure when to stop, maybe once they finish building out this comb?

Hopeful for the fall and winter. We started with a traditional Langstroth hive, but I'm planning to build a long Langstroth hive during the snowy months in anticipation of swarming or buying a new package. One of the best hobbies in the world!


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