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First time making it through winter. Now what?

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First time making it through winter. Now what?

Eastern PA here. This will be my third year keeping bees and my first year successfully overwintering a hive (what a great feeling that was!). I did my first inspection today (April 3) and the hive was STRONG. Much stronger than I expected. There are 2 10-frame deeps. Both with 2-3 frames with honey on the outside, 2-3 with some pollen, and the rest a mix of open and capped brood. Decent laying pattern. Every frame had bees on it. No queen cups or signs of swarming. Minimal burr comb. In short, they looked surprisingly great! My question is: what do I do now?

Should I add a super already? Nectar flow isn’t really happening yet but I could feed to help them start drawing. I don’t think I have enough room on my property to split. And I’m not sure I want two hives. Should I just let them keep getting stronger for a couple more weeks then add a super?

This community has been such a huge help – especially last year when my workshops were canceled. Any insight or opinions are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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