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First sting

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First sting

Well, it finally happened, I got my first sting.

I’ve seen the posts of people having been stung in the face and kept thinking “how the hell does that happen, wear a veil you dork,” and tonight I got stung in the face.

No picture because there’s really nothing to see. Very little swelling at the 3-hour mark, but my understanding is swelling can increase for 48 hours.

I wasn’t doing an inspection, I was mowing my lawn and got careless near the hive.

The pain was far less than I expected, almost didn’t feel it at first but it started getting a bit painful about 30 seconds later, pain only lasted about 3-4 minutes.

She stung me in my beard so I was panicking a bit trying to make sure I got the stinger out, I think I got it out right away but am now sporting a goatee because I wanted to be sure.

Took some Benadryl and used an ice pack. It swelled a bit While I was watching tv but ice brought it back down again.

I normally mow next to the hives last but got cocky and mowed near them nearly first, later in the day than I should have been messing around with one, bumped a hive a couple of times and stuck around, so all my fault.

I’ve kind of been wanting to get stung, so now that’s happened, but I’d been hoping to avoid it being my face.

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