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First nuc install was a total cluster

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First nuc install was a total cluster

I did it on my own which was my first mistake. I got super nervous as soon as the bees got mad which was as soon as I lifted the lid off.

One bee worked their way under my veil and stung me just below the eye but that was my only sting.

I ended up moving one frame at a time in 20 minute intervals so I and the bees could calm down in between! I probably just prolonged the pain for everyone involved.

The inner lip of my long longstroth did not have enough wiggle room for the propolis covered frames of the nuc so they're sitting slightly above the others. Which in turn means my cover board aren't actually keeping the bees out of the lid space. and my spacing itself is slightly irregular. My frames are also not oriented as they were in the nuc and I had to put some empty frames in between some of the nuc frames because they just would not fit.

One the upside, they are all in the hive. I did see the queen right away on the first frame I pulled and they seem to be much more relaxed a few hours later. I'm not terribly worried about the nuc frames being slightly separate because our temps are moving up at a steady clip.

In conclusion, if you are also a first timer bring a buddy to hold your hand

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