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First Honey Extraction (Layen’s hive)

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First Honey Extraction (Layen’s hive)

Hey all!

I finally bought my honey extractor and extracted my first honey from my Layen's hive. I removed 4 frames with honey/nectar included on the frames this time. All 4 of these frames were ~20% capped honey with the remaining being either empty or uncapped nectar in some stage of completion.

I asked Dr. Leo about what I should do about extracting this honey with there being nectar present. He directed me to just go ahead and extract the nectar, then uncap the honey and extract that too.

After all was said and done, I filled up 5 jars with honey/nectar. He said this is fine to eat if kept in the refrigerator.

As for you fellow r/beekeeping members, is this something that is generally acceptable (like will it make me sick)? He did say that this is okay for 'personal consumption' and should not be sold (which is not what I was going to do anyways). When I removed these frames from the hive, they were kept in the freezer before extraction, and kept in refrigerator after extractor. So, consuming uncapped honey [nectar] good, or nah? I have eaten several spoonfuls and I'm still alive. 🙂

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