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First Harvest, weird circumstances but counting it!

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First Harvest, weird circumstances but counting it!

First year of keeping. 3 hives, one which has been struggling since the start, and two which couldn't be stopped if you tried. Girls have been loving a late winter flow of ironbark eucalyptus.

One of the two productive hives I had left a half super on at the start of winter with a little bit of honey left, rain kept it on longer than planned. Checked them and realised they were packing so much honey that egg space was suffering. Replaced it today with a full frame super and moved a few frames up, replacing them with emptys, took 2/9 of the half frames for the family and will let the girls put the rest back onto the full frames.

No idea if ive made a huge error expanding the hive during winter, but wasnt sure how else to deal, feel free to call me a foolish newbeeeeeee.

I haven't been keeping long enough to know if this is just SE Queensland Australia beekeeping normal.. or if the crazy rain this year has just warped everything..

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