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feeling down about a dead bee…

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feeling down about a dead bee…

there was a bee trapped in the lobby of my building today. it must have been there for hours and was basically done just lying there. i felt bad because it was trapped so i tried nursing it back to health.

at first it wouldnt really move. i got some sugar water and a dropper out and started to feed it. it wouldnt eat at first but i coaxed it a bit. after a while it became full.

then i started working on getting it to fly again. i wanted this thing back outside where it belonged back the way it was before it entered the building.

that seemed to help. i started to help it build up strength but it really need the warmth of my hand and because i have never handled a bee before whenever it would come to my hand i would panic a bit and could tell it was going for stinger so i swatted him. that pissed him off but i try to get it think of flying again.

it was working for the most part. i got it to flap its wings but it wouldnt fly away. the only thing that would get the bee going was my hand.

basically i had been carrying it around on a plate and feeding it but i noticed it was soaked and not dry so i warmed it up a bit, took it outside again.

whatever the case it did not like the idea of coming off my arm and started to freak out so i ended up killing it.

i feel like i failed the bee. it was doomed in the lobby, and doomed after i fed it

would it have been better to just feed it then put it outside and let it rest on its own?

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