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Feeling absolutely wired after getting stung a bunch

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Feeling absolutely wired after getting stung a bunch

I’ve been working at an apiary for a year and a half now and i get stung pretty regularly. Sometimes I can go a couple days without it but I’ll usually get stung anywhere from once to like 5 times in a day. It’s annoying but you build a tolerance so I don’t swell up much anymore. Today I got stung probably 10 or more times cause the bees were super pissed. It’s midnight and I feel absolutely wired I go to sleep at 9 every night and I feel like I just drank a pot of coffee. Normally I’d just chalk this up to a random occurrence but one of my old coworkers said the same thing. When transporting bees he got stung 20 or more times and he said he didn’t sleep for a couple days. I’m sure it sounds weird but has anyone else ever had this happen?

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