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Feeding super to weaker hive.

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Feeding super to weaker hive.

Hello, first year beekeeper here looking for some guidance. I have two colonies, one started from a 3 pound package May 3rd (Blue hive) and the other from a 5 frame nuc June 25th. (Yellow hive) I did pre-winter inspections today and found the blue hive had 1st deep with bee bread some honey a little brood and quite a bit of open room, second deep with 2-3 frames of brood and quite a lot of honey and a half full super. The yellow hive has 1 deep that had 2 frames of brood a frame of bee bread and a few partially drawn frames, then one medium box with maybe under half honey, some brood and more open space. Obviously the yellow hive isn’t looking very prepared for winter so I decided to put the partially full super off blue hive and feed it back to them. I put the inner cover over their top box, an empty super and then the super of honey. I checked a bit ago expecting them to be all over the free honey but barely saw any bees on it? Is there a way to encourage them to draw it down to their hive?

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