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Feeding question

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Feeding question

Here in the Southeast US, we're in our usual summer nectar dearth. This is harvest time for most, but I've taken to harvesting in the late spring, so it's a relatively quiet time for me now. My main focus is checking my two colonies for food stores and to make sure they're not getting overrun by pests.

One colony (Alpha) is holding its own so far on capped honey. It's been consistently stronger and so was able to put more away to begin with. I still thought that with its higher population, it would have run out of spring stores first. But no – the Omega colony was just about out when I checked this past week. So I removed two vacant combs (top-bar hives here) that were doing little besides harboring beetles, and I set up the feeder. Looks like I'll be replacing 750 ml of 4:5 syrup in Omega about every 3 to 4 days through August. I will of course continue to check in on Alpha weekly.

Here's my question: What's the thought out there on feeding? Do you feed by availability (which would have led you to start feeding here in early June) or by stores?

In the past, I fed by availability, but they socked so much away this year that it didn't make sense. I suppose I could have harvested more, but I'm still feeling my way (3rd year here). What do you think?

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