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Feeding in March- Zone 6b

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Feeding in March- Zone 6b

Hey fellow beeks— a question about feeding in March.

My five hives are all buzzing and alive. I am very excited about this, but I’m also aware that March in my part of the world is a tough time for hive survival.

We have had some mild weather, so I decided to feed via the Mountain Camp method. Last week, I built ekes and was excited to put them on my hives. I checked again this weekend and they ate ALL of the sugar and newspaper was gone, too.

My question: is there a great risk for detriment to the hive by popping open the hives and breaking the propolis seal in order to feed them? It rained all last night and was somewhat concerned about moisture getting into the hive. It is supposed to get cold again.

Any advice is appreciated.

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