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Favorite Beekeeping Equipment and Gadgets

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Favorite Beekeeping Equipment and Gadgets

When I first started beekeeping I focused on purchasing the basic equipment. But I really wished someone had told me about equipment that would make my job as a beekeeper a little easier.

What are your favorite or recommended beekeeping equipment or gadgets and why?

These are a few of my favorites:

1 – Ceracell Top Feeder – Allows me to feed bees without disturbing them, give them access to every drop of syrup.

2 – Screened Bottom with sticky board – I use this to monitor my hive activity without breaking into my hive all of the time. I can see which frames are being used, how much mites drop after treatment, and ventilation in the summer.

3 – Hive Thermometer – I bought this for a few dollars on aliexpress. Simple Thermometer with a probe to monitor hive temperature and humidity. Just gives me peace of mind in winter and summer knowing they are alive or comfortable.

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