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Extra Package Available

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Extra Package Available

 Extra Packages Available

We have extra packages available for today and Tuesday only, May 3-4th. Available for PICK-UP only from 10am-8pm (Central Time) both days.

ORDER ONLINE, Then, come pick up your 3lb package with a mated queen.
We are located in East Central Illinois. Just put Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in Google Maps and head over.
An extra package can help shore up your splits or strengthen a weak colony or add another hive to your bee yard.
Or if your hive made it through winter but they are queenless and you cannot find a queen, add a package of bees plus a new mated queen to keep your hive going!

Now that you are a beekeeper you may be faced with many questions. It’s never too late to take one of our ONLINE beekeeping courses.


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