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Exterminator here! I have questions.

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Exterminator here! I have questions.

I am apart of a mid size pest control company here in central Texas. In the past we have always eradicated bees, however, currently we are trying to move away from that and get into removal, extraction methods, etc.

I personally find it very interesting and am probably going to start keeping some of the bees we remove. My questions though are more for removal than keeping:

Is there a way/chemical/technique that can be used to flush bees out of their hive without harming them? In instances such as rock houses or if the hive is inaccessible.

It seems that the best way to remove a hive is to vacuum them up. Are there any other alternatives?

Once the bees have been vacuumed up, if it is too far away to transport them to my own box hives is it acceptable to simply drive down the road 10 or so miles and just dump them out near a tree? What would the odds be that they would go back to the same hive?

I am sure I have other questions that I am too ignorant to even know right now so any and all suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am posting this in the pest control subreddit as well.

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