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Empty hive due to mites – but where do they go?

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Empty hive due to mites – but where do they go?

So it’s REALLY hard to Google vanishing bees, disappearing bees, bees gone, empty hive, etc. without getting the usual colony collapse disorder or plight of the bee national news info. But what answer I’m looking for is where they actually go. Like most on here, I’ve had hives that were strong going into winter, probably had too many mites that I (I’ll own it) should’ve managed better, and one week look fine and the next week they’re gone. There’s not a giant pile of dead bees at the entrance, and I’d think as they started to fail, maybe got too cold because of reduced numbers, and started to die their housekeeping tendencies would falter, thus leaving dead bees on the bottom board or on the landing board – but nothing. Absconding when it’s 40 and rainy during the day and 28-35 at night (Fahrenheit) seems unlikely?

TL:DR – when bees vanish due to mites, where do they go?

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