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Earwig infestation in secondhand hive body’s drawn comb frames

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Earwig infestation in secondhand hive body’s drawn comb frames

New to beekeeping, I’m in NW Arkansas zone 7, apis mellifera. My beekeeping community is wonderful and as part of it and through a family connection (and my mentor), I’ve received two colonies, hive bodies, and supers that have just been inspected. We grow native wildflowers for seed, so when I learned about the fall forage plants in the 101 class, and it turned out that we grow them, I’d handed out goldenrod seeds.

I also received a spare deep hive box with drawn comb frames, it had been stored in a plastic bag to keep out wax moths, it came to me naked of that bag. I pulled a frame out and it’s got a big earwig infestation! I put it in a bag to keep the buggers from finding new places in my garage to live and multiply.

So my question is, this weekend when I can supervise, is it an alright idea to set these frames out by the bird feeders where our wild bird population can feast? I know the earwigs are like cockroaches and will run from the light.

What do I do? Knock them off and quarantine it in the freezer?

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