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early morning woes

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early morning woes

wasn't really a problem, i'm just looking for sympathy. i have 15 hives, i'm in the process of scaling up. i have swarm traps up in case i miss a split, but i'm also stationed between a large apiary (100+ hives) and a hobbyist who basically ignores his bees. the traps keep catching swarms that their apiaries throw my way.

anyway, the swarm weather hit today. woken from a sound sleep at 5:00am by the sound of a swarm. took some coffee out to observe them move in. lo and behold there were 3 swarms – one moving in, one clustered closeby in some serviceberries, another at the top of the tree. was not prepared with equipment.

4 frantic hours later they are all housed and seem stable. i'm going back to bed.

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