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Early harvest!

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Early harvest!


First time I've ever heard of anyone doing a first week in April harvest, but weather in Northern California has been weird with the drought and global warming I guess. Two of my hives have been going gangbusters out of winter. Overwintered them with two deeps and a super of sugar syrup, removed the supers in early Feb and replaced with drawn comb supers. One of the hives was making drones and queen cups already in late January, and I ended up doing a small split on it in mid Feb just to keep it from swarming too early (side note: while I was worried the new queen wouldn't be able to mate since it was such an early split, it turned out fine and the new one has been laying for about three weeks now). The other one started booming soon after so I split that one also first week of March.

Even after splitting, both of them have just been steamrolling an early nectar flow. The second, slightly slower hive, literally filled three supers of honey in a month. Trying to make sure they don't run out of space and start trying to swarm even though I already split them, so I pulled four supers off the two hives and ended up harvesting 26/32 frames for a total of 61 pounds of honey. Several uncapped frames still, but I checked moisture on individual frames before harvesting and overall moisture after harvest was 15.8%.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else has ever had to do such an early harvest?? Feels weird, but the honey tastes great and if I don't have to worry so much about swarming for the next couple months then I call it a win.

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