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Early April package- Warre

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Early April package- Warre

First year beekeep, running 1 Warre hive, installed april 1st, north central md. Currently my stack is 5 high, the top box is 100% honey, was unable to check next box thoroughly however definitely has honey in it. They filled out the top two boxes by end of may, added 2 boxes by june 10th. Had to add another box saturday cause they’ve already filled out the 2 new boxes in less than a month. I have a few question, first, I’ve read that I should not harvest any honey this year as to guarantee they don’t starve over winter, since its only July, could I anyways? Secondly they’re surrounded by a 10 acre field I finally have time to mow and plant clover in. Will the clover help them this year?

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