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Dropped my hive

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Dropped my hive

I had to move one of my hives last night due to the cable company needing to install a new line on my house next to were my hive sits. The move was a 50ish foot move. I know the 3 feet or 3 miles rule, but I had to make an unexpected move in preparation. I figured if I moved them now it would give them a week to reorient to their new location in my yard. Currently I have 2 deeps and a super on my hive. I got everything set up to move after dark. I smoked them down moved the super no problem then decided I could move the deeps together. I've noticed on my last few inspections this hive is a lot more aggressive than others I've had in the past. Occasionally I get stung once or twice here and there, but the last 2 times I've done maintenance I've been stung 10+ times through my gloves and clothing. The queen has a great laying pattern and appears quite healthy. While moving deeps I slipped trying to set them down on the cinder blocks dropping the hive. All the frames fell out of both deeps and madness ensued! I put them back together. No way the frames are in the same order. Got stung a ton of times on the ankles and through the gloves. Zero clue if the queen is alive. I'm going to leave them alone for a few days before checking on them. Anyone ever dropped a hive? Are they going to Abscond? Does their aggressiveness make them more likely to leave. Hate that I had to move them and what happened. Definitely never doing that again

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