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Downsizing to one colony

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Downsizing to one colony

I recently read about how honey bees can have negative effects on native bees due to competition for pollen and nectar and potential spread of disease (source 1, source 2).

I want to help support native pollinators but I still really enjoy keeping honey bees and don't want to give it up completely. As a compromise, I was thinking of selling 1 of my 2 colonies. Obviously that's still not great but that would reduce my impact by 50%. I would also save money on future hive boxes, equipment, feed, etc.

The main reasons I've read for having two hives is so that you can swap brood frames if one of the hives loses its queen so it can make a new one and so you can compare the hives to learn what's normal. But after having successfully overwintered 2 colonies, I've had the benefit of seeing the differences for almost a full year now. And it wouldn't be a big deal to buy a new queen if need be. So are there any reasons I should still keep 2 colonies instead of downsizing to 1?

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