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Double vs Single Brood Box

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Double vs Single Brood Box

I'm entering my second year as a beek. My first hive I overwintered here in Colorado in a double deep brood box format. Seemed to work fine, but I did so out of ignorance admittedly. My assumption was that they'd need more space for stored honey during our winters.

But I've since started reading more on the pros and cons of single vs double setups. What I cannot find, though, is any kind of general guidelines or consensus on the matter.

So my question to y'all is: Do you go with a double or single brood box format? What criteria do you go by to determine which to go with. What about overwintering? I've seen arguments that they can stay warmer in a single box (less space to heat), but I have concerns about them not having enough stores to get through a winter here in CO.


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