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Double queen hive conundrum

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Double queen hive conundrum

Hey all, I have a situation that has a lot of different solutions, but I am hoping that someone has been in this position before and can share some wisdom.

I split a colony several weeks ago. I took a few queen cells I found and divvied them up among some nucs. I left 2 queen cells in the queenless supers with brood and the queen went with the foragers in another hive. The queen right colony is doing well. The queenless colony is also thriving, but I expected to see eggs sooner. I have checked the hive three times since the split and I haven't been able to find the queen. Well, I decided to purchase some queens for the first time in my life. They have hygienic traits and I figured it would make sense to install one into my queenless colony. I checked it one last time and still saw no eggs. By now I should have some, so I pulled the trigger. Got the queen and as I was installing her, I found a frame of eggs. I looked around and there is only one frame with eggs, so the queen must have JUST started to lay. I had somewhere I had to be, and I had no place to put the new queen. I added an extra super to the hive, dumped all the bees into the bottom two supers, put a queen excluder on, and left the new queen in her cage in the top super.

So now it has been a few days. I'm leaving for a week tomorrow so I want to see if my plan is foolish or if it'll work. By now, most of the nurse bees and some foragers should have made it back to the top super where the new queen is caged. She might even be released by now. The lower queen should be laying or trying to kill the new queen through the excluder. I have a snelgrove board I was thinking of installing, but the top super doesn't have enough resources to last until the queen starts laying and so I need the support of the bottom hive. Also, the queen isn't mated, so she'll need to leave at some point. I was thinking of leaving the queen excluder and installing the snelgrove board on top of the virgin queens super. I would then have an opening at the top. The bottom super will have a reducer installed. This will force foragers to travel through the weak hive and hopefully encourage them to deposit resources up there. It also gives the virgin queen an exit for her nuptial flight. The only thing I worry about is that single queen excluder separating the hives. What do you all think?

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