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Double decker swarm trap?

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Double decker swarm trap?

I’m a first year US beek and am thinking about swarm traps for the spring. I run 8fr medium-only boxes and built a few bait hives from some old 10fr shallows that were stacked 2 high (basically a slightly deeper 10fr deep in dimension). I was thinking of building a more traditional (is that a thing?) vertically oriented bait hive. Because I only use medium frames, is there any reason to make the trap a double decker of frames (like a stacked 5fr nuc) instead of just five frames across the top and a large area of empty space beneath? Any swarm I catch would likely have to be moved from the catch spot to an temporary apiary for about a week (quarantine, reorient) before moving to my apiary and I’m worried they might build too much comb outside the 5 medium frames. Thanks.

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