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Do I need to look at splitting this hive?

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Do I need to look at splitting this hive?

I just installed this colony from a package in March. They have absolutely packed this 2-deep + 1 Medium full. The last couple days they have been bearding up like this in the evening (75f). I have been very sick the last few weeks and haven't been able to get into the hives, but today was the first day I had the energy to get out there and at least do a quick look. Popping the inner cover they have packed all three boxes full. I plan on trying to get out there tomorrow and actually pull some frames and see if there are any queen cells. Should I be prepared to artificially split it even when the colony is this young?

The yellow hive was installed the same day and just looks like a normal healthy hive. None of the same crowding issues.

Do I need to split these?

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