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Do I have enough capacity and pollen?

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Do I have enough capacity and pollen?

Novice bee-haver here, tending to my first hive and have some questions coming into the fall season.

I received the nuc in early May. Since then, they have grown to two deeps. The bottom deep is 100% drawn comb, and the top deep is 95% drawn comb (only the outside frames aren't fully drawn). There are about 5 to 7 frames, each with only one side of the frame, with a seemingly healthy brood pattern, between both top and bottom deeps.

I haven't used any honey supers, so the top deep has 5+ full frames of honey. The bottom deep has about 2-3 frames of honey, and minimal bee-bread and pollen stores.

As we enter into the fall and winter seasons, my questions are:

  1. Should I be concerned with capacity? Is there a chance the bees will abscond? If so, how should I mitigate?
  2. Should I provide a pollen patty sometime soon?

Thank you!

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