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Do I have a queen?

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Do I have a queen?

My bees swarmed about 2 weeks ago. I caught that swarm and all seems to be well; although I haven't inspected it yet. I'm waiting till this coming weekend so that it will be a solid 2 weeks. Its the parent colony I'm concerned about. I inspected it today and found no brood. I couldn't find a queen either. There are several queen cells that have hatched. I'm guessing none of them survived their mating flight. I've never not found the queen in this box. During the inspection on a sunny day at 70F, the bees were very flighty, easily agitated, and that is very unusual for them. They are usually quite docile. What do you think? I know that just because I didn't see the queen that there isn't necessarily not a queen.

The box is a long lang with about 12 frames in it. Half of them are fresh frames that I put in there about a month ago when it was spilling over with bees before it swarmed. They are still drawing those frames out. Before they swarmed and before I put those frames in, there was brood from one end of the box to the other and they were quickly becoming honey bound. That is not the case anymore. I'd expect at least 3 frames to have some brood. There isn't any.

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