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Do bees not like frame feeders?

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Do bees not like frame feeders?

I got a frame feeder, where I put a sugar water mixture, and placed it in one of my hives. Didn't seem to get any activity, nor drain at all. So I pulled it out, and poured it out. Made another mixture of 1:1 sugar to water by volume, and just sat it atop one of the hives, and again, no activity when I took it in at night (to prevent late night bugs getting into it), and refrigerated it. And then today I put it out on the porch by the watering area the bees love to gather by.

Plenty of ants this time. No bees. (They were perfectly content with their tap water near by.) I find it somewhat strange, as normally animals will take the easiest and most readily available food to exhaustion. My other animals take the granted grains in preference to that grazing

Is it because it's not a nectar dearth? Should I make sure to feed them only after the nectar is running low? Or perhaps it's because this feeder is black, and so I need to paint it? Link to the feeder below. Any advice you can give is very much wanted. I simply want to help the bees grow and thrive.


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