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Disagreement with the group’s decisions

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Disagreement with the group’s decisions

Hello I come from France I practice beekeeping for 3 years a little frustrated because I had to leave my city to study, but my parents help me. In France it has been dry late in the season since the beginning of July but the bees have and have had food until now. (If there is a need for further clarification I can give it) I belong to a shared apiary I do not agree with the decisions taken by the group generally. As I don't have much choice of decisions most of the time I disobey or don't do. For example, they all harvested on July 9th which I didn't think was wise. So I didn't harvest (I will harvest on Wednesday), did I do the right thing? I attach pictures of one of my hives today. Question 2: they want to feed the hives with syrup tomorrow morning at 7am which I really don't think is very smart… (hive that they harvested the honey on 09/07) I'm mainly afraid of looting not necessarily on my hives but that a hive will attack another one. Already feeding in the morning at 7am… well what do you think? Am I right to worry or is it clear?

Ps: When I say that I disobey is that for example to make lick the frames they left them in the apiary on the ground … while in the apiary there are 15 hives …

Thank you in advance for your answers, I am open to discussion and ready to accept that the group is doing things right even if I am not very convinced.

I hope I have been clear enough for you to understand me

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