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Difficult Bee Removal

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Difficult Bee Removal

My grandmother owns a farmhouse(uninhabited) with a corrugated metal roof. Bees have created a hive in the little rivets/bends. The local bee guy came and plugged the holes up in an attempt to drive them away. This did not work.

Throughout the past few months we have been clearing out the house, walking right under the bee's entry, and there has been no problems. During my past few visits though, they are overly interested. Yesterday I was simply walking with the dog around the house (not moving anything in or out) when several bees bounced off me and then I got stung.

There is so much that needs to be done to this house, but no work can proceed until the bees are dealt with. My grandmother wants to call an exterminator, which I am against. Save the bees! But saving this house is my priority. Any tips are advice would be helpful. Location is in West Texas.

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