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Diatomaceous Earth and Small Hive Beetle Treatment

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Diatomaceous Earth and Small Hive Beetle Treatment

I had some small hive beetles in one of my weaker hives during my most recent inspection and was looking online for a treatment option for them. Found a suggestion of using Diatomaceous earth around the hive, and then watering it so it soaks down into the ground and kills the beetles as they drop out to lay, and larva as they mature. Anyone ever do this and have success? I applied it around one hive and had a puff or two go towards the opening so I am a bit concerned that it may have gotten in and damaged the hive.

Just looking for general opinions on anyone who has tried it before! I probably should have looked around online more before trying it. So far everything I've found seems to be full of conflicting opinions, like everything else in beekeeping!

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