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Diagnosis help please!

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Diagnosis help please!

Hi everyone, second year beekeeper here having a little trouble with this years hive. I just did a hive check found some things I'd like help diagnosing. The brood pattern is pretty patchy and some of it is uncovered (bald brood?). In addition to that I saw a number of bees who were trailing their guts behind them. Not sure what was going on there, I tried a web search but was unsuccessful. I did a mite wash and had 17 mites, so about 5.66%. I did my best to get nurse bees, but it was a bit challenging because there really didn't seem to be that many on the brood frames, so I'm not sure how accurate that is. They are currently in 2 deeps with a super. I just orders some Mite Away Quick Strips and plan to treat them for mites as soon as the weather cools down here a little. I'm also considering condensing the colony into one deep so they don't have as much room to defend. Most of the brood is in the top box anyway. On the bright side, all but two of the frames in the super are filled with capped honey.

Any help on diagnosis and treatment would be greatly appreciated! Here are a couple photos to help… this is two sides of the same frame.



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