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Dear colony (winter UK)

We are grateful you are here

Dear colony (winter UK)

Just found my Y0 give dead and almost empty. Looking for advice and possible diagnosis, please be kind I feel absolutely awful. I visited the give today to treat with oxalic acid and put on some fondant. I got this give as a nuc this year July as a strong colony. They had all comb drawn by September and I kept feeding them with sugar syrup (1:1 all summer and autumn, 1:2 start of winter). On opening the hive today there were only a handful of dead bees on the mesh at the bottom. I've read that if it's starvation then you're more likely to have lots of dead bees present so am wondering if it's a disease instead. Concerned that I let the hive get too cold but the weather here (south west UK) hasn't been exceptionally cold recently. I thought I'd learnt enough to get my first hive but am worried I've made a mistake and should have had more supervision.

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