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Dead hive due to lazy mite control (I assume).

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Dead hive due to lazy mite control (I assume).

I noticed less bees active from this hive on warmer days than my other hive. Yesterday it was 63F and I saw no activity from this hive while there were many bees active at my other hive about 6 inches away. Opened it up and there were only 30-40 bees and the queen all dead. I'm guessing my lazy mite counts caused me to mite bomb myself and the lack of bees to cluster caused them to freeze to death…..but would appreciate anyone's thoughts. There were SHBs but the hive seemed to keep them under control or at least in the corners previously when they were strong enough.

Queen and a few workers dead
(Top Deep)(Top of frame is on the bottom of pic. This is frame #7) Queen and a few workers. There were about the same amount on the next frame facing this one.
Is that mite frass on the cells?

Hive Info
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Source: Package shipped from Georgia, USA (installed on 27May2021)
Configuration: 10 Frame | Telescoping top > Quilt box (with pine shavings) > candy board (with 10 pounds of sugar bricks) > Top deep > Bottom deep > solid bottom board (with entrance reducer and mouse guard)
Last Inspection: 21Nov2021 (Installed quilt box, candy/candy board, mouse guard, and insulation 25Nov2021)
Last Mite Count (shame on me): 18July21 4/260 (1.54%) | used dawn mite wash
Hive next door last mite count: 11Sep21 2/413 (0.48%) I think this gave me a false feeling that the other hive was doing fine..still lazy in hindsight.
Hive Weight at death (didn't starve?): Top deep 50.84 pounds; Bottom deep 29.56 pounds.

Dead hive pics
Bottom deep
Top deep
Bottom board

Last Inspection Pics
Same hive on 21Nov21 (frames 7-10)

Sucks I let this happen but learned a lesson. Running the frames through the freezer and hope they will give the new colony a jump start in the spring.

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