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Dead Bees! 😭🐝

We are grateful you are here

Dead Bees! 😭🐝


I am concerned about dead bees, i have recently moved and brought my bonsais along, i have found that one particular bonsai has become an attraction for the local bees that possibly live in a tree near my property, there have been around 20+ bees visiting daily for the last week, this specific bonsai is dead however has moss on it (my partner thinks he can revive it by watering it however its a lost cause)

At first i though the bees were there to collect the water from the moss however even when not watered there were heaps of bees visiting it.

I am concerned as i have noticed the bees have reduced in numbers and there are 8 dead bees scattered around our bonsai stand.

I am hoping that someone may have information as to why they have acted like this and how to prevent the death of more bees

I also have a dog that seems to be smart enough not to try to bite them for now

In Melbourne, Australia, its spring time, i am not sure of the specific type of bee we have here.

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