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Could a bee cross an ocean? If so, how?

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Could a bee cross an ocean? If so, how?

Hello. Hopefully someone can provide some help here.

Is it possible for bee's to cross large bodies of water? If so, what is the most likely means of them doing so?

Flying obviously…but what kind of range do they have? I have seen large bumble bees quite far out at sea whilst fishing, which always surprised me.

Presumably flying has its limitations, even with a favourable wind. Other rather unlikely scenarios I have speculated are:

  • A tree, or a part of a tree somehow swept out to sea containing a hive, or insect could conceivably travel to another land mass.
  • Insects are known to get swept high up into the atmosphere. (Is this sort of thing possible with bees?)
  • A hive swarming to a seafaring vessel.

Furthermore, which genus of bee is most suited to this sort of situation? A swarm obviously has numbers on its side, but is there a species of bee which could conceivably colonize a new area on its own (or in small numbers) in favourable circumstances?

Is there another scenario I haven't considered?

Thanks in advance.

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