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Confused and scared about new queen cells…

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Confused and scared about new queen cells…

Hey all.

Eleven days ago I posted about a broken comb mishap with my TBH and sought advice on trying to fix it. With all of the offered advice and a little googling, I did my best to reattach the broken comb and felt pretty successful. Fast forward to this afternoon when I popped into my hive for the first time since then to inspect repairs I'd assumed they would make, and I'm left really stumped and disheartened. Not only did the rubber band/dental floss set up I used fail to set things up for the bees to repair it, but I'm now seeing four-ish queen cells on the bottom of the previously broken comb and the comb arguably looks worse than it did when I put it back in originally. It looks significantly smaller/less built out, has big chunks missing at the top/one side, and is significantly darker.

I'm unsure what to do or where to go from here. To the best of my knowledge via examination of the broken comb/the ground upon which it fell, I didn't lose my queen. I've never actually seen her since I first installed her in the hive but she had the blue dot, which I definitely didn't seen in the carnage. I assume she likely wouldn't have been near the comb that broke off as it was probably the fifth or sixth bar I inspected that day so there would've been reasonable warning about an intrusion into the hive. The comb also fell to the ground and not into the hive so fewer bees were impacted. That being said, I didn't see any signs of larva in the brood comb I checked after discovering the queen cells and my ladies were so aggressive that I honestly couldn't get a good look for eggs. So definitely some mixed messages there and I'm not sure what to believe about the status of my original queen.

My bees have generally been incredibly docile and they were PISSED about the inspection tonight. I've had tons of larva, capped brood, honey, etc. and <1% mites each time I've inspected, so it's generally been a great first year for me. I'm just afraid that the appearance of these queen cells now means serious trouble, either in the form of them currently being queenless (worker bees laying is my nightmare) or choosing to swarm (which seems foolish considering we're hitting fall feeding time in my neck of the woods, but what do I know?). I'm wondering if anyone can provide any guidance or advice on what all of this may mean and where the hell I go from here. Any input will greatly calm my nerves so thanks in advance for reading!

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