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confused and frustrated.

We are grateful you are here

confused and frustrated.

We started with 2 nucs this year. Less than a month in we saw swarm cells and removed them. A week after we found more and did a split without finding the queen. Obviously a couple wrong moves.

Last week we inspected and our strongest hive, which has had a super one for about 2 weeks completely untouched, had a queen and eggs and no swarm cells. Today there is no queen, a tiny amount of eggs, a bit of larva.

The hive we took the split from last week had a mated queen which we marked. Today there are no eggs, brood and no queen.

The hive we split into had capped cells one of which definitely looks to have emerged, but no queen, no eggs, no brood and very aggressive bees.

What the hell is happening over here? I go into the bee yard at least twice a day, is it possible I missed that many swarms?

What should my next course of action be? Order queens and attempt to requeen?

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