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Combing newly split hive with original

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Combing newly split hive with original

A few weeks ago I notice both some supersedure cells as well as swarm cells in what was my only hive. I went ahead and made a split and the new hive is doing well. The queen has mated and has begun laying. The original hive seems to have some issues. Opening it up yesterday I’m seeing a ton of drone. Maybe 30-40% drones. The queen is still laying but it seems like she’s slowed down.

So the question is, has anyone recombined a split? The idea would be to get rid of the original queen and use the new queen that’s laying. Just not sure of the actual procedure, worried about what exactly happens when the original queen is removed.

Also concerned if the first year queen would be able to support a hive of this size. It would be 2 deep brood boxes and 1 deep honey super to start out.

The other option would be to buy a new queen for the original hive but to be honest I’d rather condense if possible.

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